Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Emily Dumas, illustrator and designer

Hi, I'm Emily. (Portrait by Julie Surette)
 I'm Emily Dumas; a freelance illustrator & designer. I left my advertising job on my own terms in hopes of eventually illustrating full time, licensing my work, selling my goods and doing work for advertising clients. So far I've done most of those things. I've shown my work in galleries and coffee shops. I also teach design and illustration part time to college students. I live north of Boston in Beverly, otherwise known as "The Garden City" right on the ocean. My studio (currently) is my living room, my kitchen and a sun room which will soon become my office. 

I live directly across the street from an art college, so this is a good people watching spot.

Currently most of my work space is in my living room. Vinyl records are handy although I can't always be bothered with flipping them over while I'm working, so its usually Pandora instead.

I'm currently ramping up for craft fair season so my kitchen table has also become a workspace.

Some pieces I did for a recent show.

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