Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Freelancing tips, 6-10

6.     Don’t pay for linkedin premium. You can get what you need out of linkedin on their free platform. It might be worth the money if you want a staff job, but I’m not positive about that. 

7.     Get business cards at, go for the luxe, they will be money well spent. When you meet with someone at an agency, you will have better business cards than they do. You want them to save your card so when they need someone it’s on their desk.

8.    Put all of your expenses for your freelance business on one credit card, do not mix the business expenses with personal expenses. No co-mingling.  If you have two credit cards in your wallet right now, make one of them the business card. You’re going to have to buy some stuff. I went to Staple’s and bought an office chair, some paper, paper clips, printer ink, all that stuff you used to get out of the company office supply closet for free, now you gotta buy it.

9.    Set up an office in your home in a room that is dedicated to your business. It should be a separate space for tax purposes. This is a great thing to do in that home and work are going to be smooshed together. By going to one room in your home you are “at work” and when you leave that room you can be at home. My commute up to the studio is about 18 seconds. I have a dedicated space that I built when I was a staffer because I knew I would one day be freelance. I put my desk near a window and my office is a clean, happy place with lots of natural light. There is room for an art director and a planner.

10.     Open an email account on Gmail, as google spends a lot of money on their product. If you have an email on or yahoo it makes you look like a dinosaur. Set up a skype account and figure out how to use it. Geography doesn’t matter anymore, this is all about talent. 

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