Friday, October 31, 2014

Tim Dillingham, Give peace (and quiet) a chance?

Yup. I totally staged this photo with the iPad and note pad.
This is the beginning of my second stint as a freelance art director. I look back at my first stint as some of the best years of my life. I had some good gigs, a lot of freedom and met some really great people.

Freelance was good back in 1999 too. I got to shoot with Brett Favre for Motorola via McCann.
Best of all was I only needed to work one or two days a month to cover the $800 rent on my 225 square foot studio apartment in the West Village of Manhattan.  Luckily, I worked so much I not only covered my rent, but eventually bought a one bedroom apartment with a doorman and a view of Central Park (Ok, you had to stick your head out the window).

Two apartments, three houses, one wife and two kids later, I’m back at it as a freelancer again. This time down in the Charlotte area of North Carolina after a lifetime in New York. 

My desk. The back of my neck gets a lot of Vitamin D.
 Here my home office is more of a nook off of the living room (My wife gets the actual home office because she has the steady job.) It’s basically just a West Elm desk, a Mac, 2 external hard drives and a pair mid-century, Danish modern chairs I found at the Salvation Army. 

This is what I have my back to.
But behind me is a beautiful, tranquil view of our boat dock and Lake Norman. I can walk down there to change up the scenery if staring at a computer screen isn’t doing it for me.  I can also shoot hoops on our patio or take the boat out to clear my head.  It’s very serene and peaceful.  And all the more reason I prefer to freelance on-site.  

I don’t want peace and quiet. I like the cacophony of keyboards clicking and the muffled beats emanating from the coder with headphones on.  I can feed off the energy of an agency 3/4 empty on a Friday afternoon better than I can with a crane sunbathing on my dock.  I don't need my basketball hoop when most agencies have one along with ping pong, billiards, pinball and a bar. 

Every agency has a basketball hoop so it's good to stay in practice.
 I’m pro open space format where nothing is conducive to getting anything done (see previous sentence) yet everything gets done.  It’s only after freelancing on-site, working long hours, eating pizza for lunch and dinner 3 out of 4 nights that week that the tranquility and meditative powers of my home setting are a welcomed phenomena.  Now if only my kids understood what peace and tranquility meant.

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