Friday, November 14, 2014

Christopher Geraghty, Portrait Artist

Christopher Geraghty, Artist.

Freelance is good at Geraghty Portraits.

I painted quite a bit after graduating Butera School of Art, almost every day throughout my twenties. But as my advertising career started gaining traction, my focus steered away from painting more and more. By my thirties, I don’t think I even had an easel anymore to move from apartment to apartment. Painting became more of a Days of Yore tale I would talk about.

 “Yeah, I used to actually make something meaningful every day…”, I would say to people at work. And that’s all it was. Painting was my past. I didn’t have the time for that with working late and weekends. I realize now that this was a problem.

I turned 40 in May and made the decision to put marketing and advertising in the rear view mirror and use the summer to get back to who and what I was. So after 16 years in agencies and office buildings, I stopped ignoring the screaming voice inside. As of August, I started my own business of painting—portraits for pet owners.

What can I say that has not been touched upon previously on this blog? Living the dream? Love being my own my boss? Feeling liberated? Of course, all of that. But I see it more simply: This is what I do. This is who I am. Although I get tremendous satisfaction in the act for myself, it is the joy I see in my clients that is the true payoff.

My day starts with immediate inspiration from our Cocker named Steve, and Rescue Mutt, Timber.

The commute is a short walk up the stairs to the studio above the garage with a modest setup. 
Now with a flexible schedule and a great environment to work in, this is what happens:

Preparation for clients meetings now means filling my pockets with dog treats and sugar cubes. Freelance is good.

Above is a recent "reference shoot" in Pelham, NY featuring subjects Belle and Sebastian. My website is still in the works, but you can follow me now on Facebook at or email

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