Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pantano Creative, a unique team

The thing with freelance is… it’s awesome. Freelance is freedom. Freedom to, well, you fill in the blank. Make it your own kind of free. Whether it be freedom from the corporate world, or freedom to think freely — it’s your free. That must be why they call it freelance.

So what’s with the two of us freelancing together? Well the truth is freelancing alone can be, well, kind of lonely. So the key is to surround yourself with other creative professionals — people to share ideas with and people who have the same enthusiasm for the sport of design, advertising etc. We decided we’d like to freelance together from the get-go. Share a space, and call it an office. Share the work, and call it a business. Share a maiden name — call it Pantano Creative.
And that was that.
Two people, from a business sense, allows us to get more done. We can take on more projects and our clients get more variety — two brains, two perspectives, two design styles etc.. We bounce ideas off each other (and sometimes even small rocks.) It just works.

Of course we would be nowhere if it weren’t for the brilliant writers, programmers, and marketing professionals that we surround ourselves with. The freelance community is vast and tight, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

It is an honor to be included in the www.freelanceisgood.com blog, so thanks to Joe Berkeley, for that, and for bringing us freelancers together.

Check out some of our work at www.pantanocreative.com.

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