Monday, November 3, 2014

Tara Busa, Art Producer

I always knew that I would freelance.  As a kid I ran a detective agency out of my parent‘s spare room.  I named my brother as Partner, and together we formed Minnow & Clyde.  We bought supplies, set rates, and introduced ourselves to the neighborhood.  For an entire summer we were the number one (and only) child run detective agency in our town.  Unfortunately, after an argument over which one of us was Minnow, we decided to shut down the agency, continue our education and take our careers in new directions. 

My love for creativity led me back into agency life as an Art Producer.  For many years I traveled the country producing campaigns for clients alongside some of the best creative teams, photographers and crews in the industry.  And yet, I longed for the freedom and satisfaction that comes with running your own show.  A feeling I had learned years before during my days at Minnow & Clyde.  So when the opportunity arose, the decision to become a freelance Art Producer was simple. 
Grant Cornett for Cadillac. AD: Kevin Cimo AP: Tara Busa

Carlos Serrao for Liberty Mutual. AD: Mike Shaughnessy  AP: Tara Busa

Alex Tehrani for Bank of America. AD: Michael Langone  AP: Tara Busa
Guido Vitti for Dunkin' Donuts. AD: Dave Wall  AP: Tara Busa
I now work from my home in Woburn, Massachusetts and make frequent trips into the city. The most talented Art Producers have strong creative instincts and the ability to match concepts with photography in a way that yields inspiring campaigns that make creatives and clients happy.  In order to stay sharp with what’s buzzing around the cultural stratosphere, it’s essential that I balance my time at home with time spent out in the world.  I carve out time to visit galleries, browse interesting shops and read at the library.  I meet with art directors, photographers, agents and clients to talk shop and trade ideas.
Meeting with Chris Erhmann, Owner and Agent of

At home, I designed each room to be relaxed, eclectic and relatively uncluttered.  I often start my mornings emailing and returning calls from my living room.  By afternoon I’m in my sunroom, working at my desk or reviewing portfolios on the sofa. Having different workspaces provides a nice change of scenery throughout the day.

Each room has collections of books, photos, records and found objects.  I love having these around to look through and rearrange when things are feeling stagnant. In many ways I see myself as a collection too. A cache of interests, talents and dreams, curated from a young age by the wit of my uncles, summer days spent drawing on my grandmother’s sidewalk and long drives staring out the window, watching the world pass by like a silent film.    

I used to feel like my creative interests were competing against each other and pulling me in different directions.  But freelancing gives me the time and permission to put it all to use.  By living and working in a creative environment that is entirely my own, I’m free to draw, paint, style, write and make things happen on top of being an Art Producer. 

I always knew that I would freelance.  But I never imagined it would be this good.  

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Anonymous said...

I love this story and I want to hire your detective agency!

lizzy evans said...

great story

Tara said...

Thank you! I'll telephone Minnow to see if he has one last case in him...after all these years...

Tara said...

So glad you enjoyed it. Joe will be featuring other Freelancers weekly - be sure to check back!

SimonaGabriele said...

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing article. Everyone likes to hire freelancers to do their task. I have hired more than 4 freelancers from Elance. They had done job work for me.