Friday, February 5, 2016

PREDITOR, what we all have to be

I was exchanging messages with fellow creative Michael Howard of Daughters and Howard the other day. I told him I was shooting some stuff. Michael was just back from a gig in LA and people were talking about PREDITORS. They're not an alien life form, it’s someone who can Produce, Edit, and be a Director. That’s my goal, to be able to get any job done no matter what. Sometimes, the budgets are big enough so it’s not necessary. But when the money is tight, and you have to get it done, you just need to be able to figure out a way. While technology is pushing budgets down, it’s also pushing the cost of good tools down. Recently, I invested around $5000 in photography gear that is more than adequate to shoot stills and videos. Sure, I’d love to have a $50,000 RED camera and a $50,000 set of lenses. But it isn’t necessary to get the job done. Generally speaking, no one in this business ever hires anyone who is older than they are, or has fewer skills. Your age is your age and that is a topic for another column. But if you have skills and you can get content created by any means necessary, who on earth is going to stand in the way? Michael Howard’s beautiful work is at Below are some shots I took with the new canon EOS 70D.

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