Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Tiny Squid

Allison Peterson is the owner of She recently posted this, and I believe it is worth a read. Congratulations, Allison.

Four years ago today was a blessing in disguise. Coral was only nine months old, we had just thrown every pinched penny into a remodeling project (to make way for the inevitable Mr. Calvin,) and I was told that I would be jobless in a few weeks.
Until that point, I always had a “real job” since I was 16. Sometimes two jobs at a time. I had a good time beating myself up about how I had “failed.” But I quickly realized I needed to suck up my pride. I asked some of my friends, former classmates, and previous freelance clients if they could write a recommendation for me on LinkedIn. I told you I was in a pickle and could really use your help. I cannot thank you all enough for the help you’ve given me over the last four years.
Tonight I put up this message on my website: "Please note: July 2016 is my first available opening for new clients. Contact me today to reserve a spot in my schedule this summer.” Four years ago I was struggling to find just one project. Today I am consistently booked a quarter of a year in advance. I haven’t updated my website in over a year and a half because I’ve been too busy to deal with it. I get sent RFPs without asking for them. Strangers recognize me when I’m out and about. I get to make fun stuff and be home with the kids. I thought it was going to take a decade to get to this point. 
I am beyond humbled and forever grateful. I know that most people reading this message have sent at least one project my way in the last four years. THANK YOU and know how much I appreciate giving me the opportunity to create your logos, newsletters, websites, centerpieces, annual reports, photography, package design, copy, social media strategies, branding, invitations, and environmental graphics. I LOVE IT! Here's to another four years.

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