Thursday, April 21, 2016

Turning your life into a passion project

There are a few things I miss about working at a big company; the resources, the interesting colleagues, the steady paycheck, the office supply closet with all of those free pens.
One of the things I don’t miss is having someone walk into my office on a Friday afternoon and announce that I would be spending the next two months of my life working on a project for Satan Incorporated. You know, Satan is really turning over a new leaf, and we can really make a difference, if we, you know, show the positive side of Satan.
 Oh my.
 Running your own company creates time for passion projects. Whether it’s writing a story for a national magazine or shooting photos to change the image of a town you love, passion projects bring out the best in you as an artist.
 But a funny thing happens.
The passion projects change your day job. You find yourself taking on the projects that you genuinely have the love for, and taking a pass on working for Satan Incorporated, or his subsidiaries, Evil Inc, Shame LLC, and Horrendous Worldwide.
So when I get an assignment to create a :30 radio campaign, I have just as much love for it as a side project. After you’ve shot 2000 frames of people enjoying the beach you love (see Tyler above) and written 50 stories about the sport you love, you actually have more love for creating a perfect, tidy, :30 radio campaign.
No matter where you work, or what stage of your career you’re at, a passion project will do you a world of good. You can write about something you care about, photograph something you love, paint, dance. It doesn’t matter.
Just be ready for your little side project to change your life for the better in ways you never expected.

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