Saturday, December 31, 2016

What does your head shot say about you in the digital economy?

There was a time when I was molly coddled in the warm womb of a large corporation. Assignments came my way and if I applied nose to grindstone the flow of work was steady. At the time, a friend created a head shot for me and I eagerly launched it on social media.

The shot was inspired by a nickname a wonderful co-worker had given me, "Joe Joe the Dog Faced Boy." All good. I had some good laughs at my own expense.

A few years later, it wasn't so funny.  I'm running my own business now and this is probably not an image that fills potential clients with confidence. Recently I took a head shot seminar with Peter Hurley, a Canon Explorer of Light, who is widely regarded as the best head shot photographer in the world and he did a bit better than my co-worker. 

Hurley's goal is to create an image that makes the subject appear confident and approachable. I studied with him, took the lessons to heart,  and have created head shots for others. Lisa is the head of her own strategy company. Her credentials are impeccable. Her head shot was intended to convey her collaborative, friendly spirit. 

Olivia's goal is to work in film, television, and theatre. She is finishing up her studies and is going to launch her career. She is competent, confident, friendly, and well schooled in her skills. 

What does your headshot say about you? Does it say you can do a keg stand? Does it matter? Studies indicate it does. The story below talks about how first impressions stick in the digital age and people who will give you work or go on a date with you are certainly going to have a look at your digital footprint. 

If you're ready to leave the "life of the party" photo behind and replace it with a professional image, make one of your New Year's resolutions a new head shot. Reach me at 

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